Finally! An interactive CICS map editor that utilizes GUI Windows® features and full WYSIWYG display of your BMS maps. Runs with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95/98, NT and Windows 2000, OS/2 2.1 and Warp 3/4. If you do CICS application development, design and maintenance of BMS maps is a time consuming and frustrating job. But now, whatever your CICS environment, maps can be designed in minutes instead of hours.

Product Synopsis

MapBlaster/PC allows the interactive construction and display of IBM 3270 full screen maps in a WYSIWYG environment, is network ready and operates in Windows or OS/2, with full Windows GUI support and tool bar. Color, Extended Hilighting, as well as Cut & Paste features allow rapid map development. Mapset, Map and Field attributes can be specified with an INHERITED value causing a "bubble down" effect to lower level objects, altering all objects at the lower levels to the inherited value. Split & Join commands as well as Dragging and Rubber-Banding, virtually unlimited UNDO and REDO buffers, and a TEST MODE display option are only a few of the features of MapBlaster/PC which will make your work on maps easier, faster and more productive.


Note: MapBlaster/PC software is not a geographical resource. It does not contain geographical information.

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