Our flagship product, SPEDIT® is still the most efficient advanced spool file display and management utility for any release of IBM Corporation's VM/XA, VM/ESA or zVM operating systems. Companies around the world rely on its functionality and here's why.


MapBlaster/PC® is our interactive CICS Map Editor utilizing GUI Windows® features and offering an easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get display of your BMS maps. If you do CICS application development, design and maintenance of BMS maps, you'll want MapBlaster/PC to help cut the work from hours to minutes and here's why.

SpamAssassin Caller for Imail

SpamAssassin is the best anti-spam product on the planet, and it's open source and free. Ipswtich's Imail is a very popular Email system which can benefit from SpamAssassin. Check out their marriage.



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